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Our philosophy is to provide early intervention, and to provide management of all employment related activities within your organisation.

Further, we are able to represent you in the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court, if required. Advocates for Employers NZ Ltd are specialist Employment Law consultants that works to reduce potential legal action involving human resource issues, by working as an extension and integral part of your organisation.


Gary Tayler was a mediator for the Department of Labour mediation services for 5 years which included over 1000 mediations. He has over 25 years experience in Employment Law and understands the intricate relationships between employers and employees ranging from small business to large corporations.

Working as a private mediator, he has the tools to bring the affecting parties together to resolve the varying issues that occur when working relationships turn sour. He has the ability to listen and understand both sides of the story and assist everyone involved to deal with the past, let go and to help them move on toward the future.

Michael McAleer

Michael is an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court and has worked as an employment lawyer for 15 years up until June 2015. Since that date Michael has worked as an advocate for Advocates for Employers NZ Ltd. He has a wide range of experience in employment advocacy including appearances before the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court. 

Michael is also the Director of several companies that have been involved in property development and management, the geriatric residential care sector and the motel industry.

Michael’s unique blend of skills gained as both a lawyer and as an Employer will be an asset to Advocates for Employers NZ Ltd.


Karen Hunt has been appointed as our Business Administrator.

Karen has extensive background and knowledge in litigation and the law having worked for the Crown Solicitor's Office, Public Defence Service and significant law firms in Napier.
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